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Feb 26, 2006
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Foundation provides the base for entire makeup. Therefore applying foundation in itself is a very tricky job, which if not done properly could give you the look of a clown. After all the main objective of foundation is to make your skin look naturally gorgeous and not to change its color. The right and proper use of foundation could help you hide the roughness of your skin such as spots, scars, pimples, blemishes and other irritated areas.

It is totally your decision, what type of look you want to achieve. Then accordingly the foundations can offer sheer to heavy coverage and finishes to you that range from satiny to matte.

Applying Foundation

  • First of all you should cleanse and moisturize the face and let the moisturizer be absorbed. Doing so keeps the foundation on top of the skin.
  • While applying the liquid or cream foundations dot the foundation sparingly on one side of the face first and blend well with makeup sponge.
  • You should start applying and blending the foundation from the eyes and T-zone outwards.
  • Then working from the top of the face downward, to create a smooth, even finish, repeat the same procedure on the other side of the face.
  • If it is powder foundation then you should set it by dipping a brush into the powder and going over the face in circular strokes.
  • Prior to setting the foundation with a loose powder, you should make sure that there are no 'creases ' in the base, usually round the eyes or mouth. If there are any then smooth them out with the help of makeup sponge.
  • You should apply the powder by gently pressing it into the skin. And while applying it, be liberal with it and concentrate on the eyes and creases around the nostrils.
  • Make sure that you blend the foundation well and do not forget to bring it down over your jawbone onto your neck, on the ear lobes and also into your hairline.
  • You should pay special attention to the corners of the nose and corners of the mouth as well as areas over and under the eyes.
  • In order to retouch a particular spot or scar you should re-apply lightly and then blend.
  • Then, using a large powder brush, smudge off or dust off the excess powder along face line with a puff.
  • Once the foundation is applied then it is time to set it with a light dusting of powder. Lightly powder with a translucent powder to set your foundation.
How To Apply Foundation - Applying Foundation - Foundation Application
thanks for this

Just a little question, how do you know if the foundation you have put on is just enough or too thick? The shade I am using is just about the same as my face color and sometimes I just cant figure out when enough is enough. Thanks!

Thanks for the tips. I heard that using a makeup sponge can make someone have wrinkles early is this true? That's why they say use a foundation brush instead. But i tried with a foundation brush doesn't work well it gives me streakss

Thanks for sharing..... I heard its good to wet the sponge any one know if this is true?

It's a really detailed post! I've heard that you dont have to apply foundation on the whole face if our skin colour isnt as uneven. Is that true? Or should we apply the foundation on the whole face?


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