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Dec 9, 2012
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I don't if it is called frosted anymore, I'm dating myself lol but I'm 47 and sometimes I don't like the shimmer, frosted eye shadow etc, I have a bunch I need to use up before I can buy other kinds plus I really just started wearing makeup everyday and I dont want/cant  buy a bunch of new stuff.

Unfortunately I really don't think this is possible. You can get some nice matte eyeshadows be drugstore brands for pretty cheap though. Have you looked into wet n wild? The Ulta brand eyeshadows aren't too expensive, and I actually really like them, too. 

Silk Naturals has a powder called Welcome Matte, that is made for wearing over eyeshadows to tone down their shine/sparkle. Not sure it will make them completely matte looking, but it may tone the shine down enough to make them more wearable for you.


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