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Mar 7, 2012
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First of all I apologize if this is in the wrong forum to ask, it is also make-up related as it is skin care so forgive me if I've made a mistake somewhere.

My skin is causing me a lot of distress when it comes to applying make-up. I usually don't wear it but when I do I can never get it right. I have dry, flaky skin patches that only seems to become prominent when I attempt to apply foundation. It looks absolutely obvious and awful when I apply it and I end up taking it off. Since I really want to be able to wear make-up without having to worry about this I need some help. Is there anyone who could give me any advice on how to deal with this particular skin type, and what is the best make up, specifically foundation + moisturizer , to use?

I would love to be able to test out various products myself but with my budget that is not possible so if anyone could suggest any for me that would also be great. (I'm in the UK but have no problem buying things off websites)


I use a Clarisonic Mia, and since my skin has been much less flaky. (Exception: lately due to acne gels causing it to dry/peel, ew, but they're working and my skin is looking better)

When I wear foundation for more then 2 days in a row my skin starts to get all flakey and peel-y and not good looking, I normally exfoliate at least once a day (not a harsh one though) i always use moisturizing face wash, i use moisturizer 2 times a day (invest in a good moisturizer) and that normally keeps my face looking okay. You may also want to buy a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation so it will moisturizer even more.

I think you should choose the right tools and use the nice method ,then you will be best beautyful gire.


You may want to look into chemical peels.  I know the thought might be scary. But, just don't use too high of strengths. I have used them in the past with great success mainly for acne.  Perfect Image is the company and they have the best prices through their Amazon store.  You may want to contact them before hand as to what products would be best fit for You as there are many types. I used TCA for my acne. I saw very quick results.   


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