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Sep 27, 2006
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Hi everyone.. ive got a little dilema, hope some of you can give me some advice
im 19 and pretty tall and lanky.. everyone thinks im way too skinny but i eat like a pig.. its just so annoying.. all the fat goes right to my tummy instead of like.. distributing itself all over my body, if you know what i mean.. so im just wondering, how can i gain more overall weight, without getting just the pudgy tummy? what should i do or what should i eat??
gaining weight is kind of like losing weight...just because you need to gain weight doesn't mean you should opt for pizza..try eating lean meats, light carbs, fruits & veggies...have maybe 4-5 meals a day. And I would maybe do some ab workouts or some type of workout to keep it from going to your belly. I think if you increase your calorie intake with healthy foods and workout maybe 3 days a week you should be good. Working out helps because it will build muscle which is always nice.

yea ive started working out alot more lately so im sure that will help
and i eat mostly healthy foods.. but ill try to eat even more of it! thanks for the advice !
yeah stick to what you're doing can take sometimes by the time you see results. Good luck hun.


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