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May 6, 2004
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its my 21st birthday 8 weeks from today.. AHH, and i've ATE so much in the last year so now i'm a fatty
!! Need to lose a STONE in 8wks. Only problem is, i dont have time to do much exercise.. Whats the best DIET to go on?? TIA

Wow! Thanks for all the info.. Do you know of any website that has goes into detail about the South Beach diet.. Think i'd like to try it but i'd like to have a list of all the foods i can & cant eat first. So i can plan my meals ahead etc..

Thanks a mill for all that, ill definetly join the yahoo group to get all the info. Thanks again
See you on yahoo!

Wow! Congratulations on your weight loss and getting your body toned!!!! It takes serious commitment. I'm trying to do that right now. I'm trying to work out at home with my DVDs and hand weights every night and I gotta say it's tough. I much rather sit on the couch. I've also tried watching what I eat and the portions. I'm not really on a diet just paying attention to what and how much I'm eating.

Originally Posted by naturally South Beach Diet ...actually's more of a way of eating. Only the first 2 wks are strict in which you detoxify and get rid of those bad cravings. It's not a Low Carb diet's Good carbs, good fats. Eat whole grain breads, whole wheat pastas, brown rices and sweet potatoes (that's after your first 2 wks). Oh and no sugar! I've lost 28 lbs since mid October last year ...went from size 12/14 to 2/4's.
Exercise is key if you can do it ...being a couch potato isn't good. However eating right plays a big role. Also doesn't take too much time ..but T-tapp is a GREAT form of exercise and toning ..and WILL whittle away inches! I lost 3 in my waist, 3 in my abs (tummy pooch) and 2 in my hips from doing the Total workout for 13 days and taking 2 days off to recoup ..then go to every other day.

Woah.. a 24" waist?!? Congrats on your weight loss success! I don't think I could maintain that... although I hate forced/mandatory exercise and that does not help. LOL.


Originally Posted by naturally Oh ..I'd love to sit and play couch potato ..but I also know ..if I want to keep my body fit ..that I can't do that every night. That's why I love T-tapp ..because I can w/o at home ..and not every night.
As for dieting ..I don't think of SBD as a diet really ..but a healthy way of eating. Just cutting out the junky stuff ...eating real foods ..not the boxed processed ones and what a difference! I see a friend of mine ..her daughter whos' a year older than mine ..and the size difference ...her daughter is "portly", and I feel bad for her ..but it's her mom's fault's McDonalds Happy Meals daily ..if not more. The kid has more HM toys than anyone I know! That is NOT a balanced diet ..nor good for her. I'm so glad my kids love veggies and salads ..and they are only 5 and 8. I can give them a salad with chicken strips on it for dinner ..and they'd be tickled! (hmmm ..sounds like I know what to have for dinner tonight!) LOL

I mean think about it ...we've come up with all these nice and easy ways to make our life easy in the kitchen ..boxed meals, bagged meals ..heck ..processed foods you don't even have to digest ..they go right to our hips (butts, tummies and so forth). Get back to preparing things fresh ..using fresh good ingredients doesn't take that much longer if you think about it...and it is MUCH healthier and in turn ...will help us lose those unwanted pounds!

Hey Naturally~I am wondering what kinds of meals you prepare for dinner that aren't packaged, etc. When you say that you don't eat "processed foods," can you tell me some things that you eat instead? For example, what do you make from scratch? I need some ideas.

I love the chicken salads too. I even got my husband hooked on them! He used to call it "girlie food" now I make him a huge salad with soy nuts, chopped chicken, homemade croutons, a tiny bit of bacon, a sprinkle of cheese, and sometimes a few crunchy chinese noodles. He loves it. I need other meal ideas though. I keep fixing stuff from Trader Joes that is easy and already comes in a package. I also make stir fry from scratch, but I do not like the salt content in the soy sauce- too much!

Any ideas? What do you do???

P.S. I also make baked tostada shells with beans, ground burger, lettuce , tomatoes, onions, beans and salsa. Another thing that I've tried is terriaki chicken wraps with turkey bacon, lettuce, cheese, and a bit of mayo/mustard. We liked that a lot!


I totally agree with you about the healthy eating and kids. You have to teach your kids what healthy nutrition is all about and the best way to teach it is to follow it yourself. We don't have anything in our house that has hydrogenated oils in it because they are one of the worst things for you and our son doesn't get to eat that stuff either other than at preschool. I don't limit what he eats at preschool but when we are at home we make sure we eat healthy foods and have healthy and nutritios snacks available.

Originally Posted by naturally Sounds like you have a few things there. How about soft tacos kids love them! I can choose for myself whether I want the tortillia or not. Usually it's a grilled something or other (fish, chicken ..all the standards). Veggies ..try to get them fresh or frozen. The canned ones ..well ..let's face it ..they are soooo cooked ..that we hardly have to chew them right? LOL
I am so glad my kids LOVE most veggies! Asparagus ..I don't steam them ..I fry them in some EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) ..I know ..lots of folks say don't use it for frying in ..but I've seen quite a few PRO cooks do it and swear by it. Plus EVOO is better than regular Olive Oil ..(which has fillers of regular veggie oils in it).

It's not really cooking from scratch ..just preparing everything fresh. Get away from the Hamburger Helpers and so forth. Actually you can make that from scratch ...can of creamy chicken or whatever soup (although that's not scratch), noodles and so forth! Tonight we had Veal scallopini ..well my rendition. My kids went nuts over it ...dredge in flour (I know ..flour isn't that great ..but minimal use won't hurt), fry in EVOO (and garlic) and when browned add chicken broth and mushroom pieces ..when it's simmered for a few minutes ..add a little lemon juice. I served it with stewed tomates and grilled potatos cubes.

When I say "stay away from processed foods" ...those packaged wonders! I mean they are great ..especially if you need something in a pinch ...but if you think about it can make something really great about the time it takes for those things to finish. Need ideas 30 Minute Meals on the Food Network! LOL they have fabulous ideas (my daughter has been watching WAY too much ..and she's only 8). LOL Have you looked at the packages of foods ..the ingredients ...sheesh can't even pronounce half the ingredients! Now as much as I'd LOVE to stay away from grocery store meats ...that will happen in it's time. Those are pumped so full of hormones ...the chicken, beef ..etc.

As for the salt content in the soy ..look for the soy light. I think there is such a thing ..could be wrong. I have taken to using Liquid Aminos ..from GNC's high in protein (420mg per serving ..and a serving is 1/2 teaspoon). Stir fry fresh veggies, some meat and serve over brown rice. My other new fave is baby bok choy ..OMG ..can't get enough of that.

We have Schwans ..they deliver food items their fish ..Hake ..pop in oven for however many minutes ..voila, steamed veggies ..and 20 minutes later. Okay ..getting hungry again and I just did eat not to long ago.

This is sooo helpful to me. Thank you. I enjoyed reading your "about me" page a lot. My mom has the hypothyroidism too and she takes synthroid. What does the current stuff that you take now do that synthroid didn't? Also there are so many people with hypothyroidism. I think that it deserves a write up on the health board. My mom used to be a size 6 and after she started having a thryroid problem, her skin became puffy and she is now a size 1x. Hypo and Hyperthyroidism confuse me a bit. I know that a lot of people get the types of diabetes mixed up too. I am definately going to have to write about this on the board. People have so many misunderstandings about chronic conditions.. myself included.Also.. what is "Schwans??"

By the way, your skin looks gorgeous. Nice job.

P.S.S. At first I thought your house cat was mighty odd, now I understand! LOL




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