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Aug 27, 2007
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No matter how short your hair is, it's always fun to try new styles. For summer, you want ideas that are quick, easy to achieve, melt-proof and sexy. We asked New York City stylist Kim Lepine what she tells clients at her Madison Avenue salon. First, she says, get a haircut, even if it's just a trim. "You don't want to begin the summer with split ends," she notes. Then, try out these styling ideas:

Work with your curl. If you have texture or curl in your hair, it's beautiful, sexy and modern to play that up, says Lepine. Use gel or styling pomade to accentuate individual curls. Short and long pieces can be flipped upward. And one or two hairs around your face can be pin-curled and pulled off the face with small barrettes.

Give straight hair a lift. If you have a straight, chin-length bob, you can update the look by texturizing the front of it. Just add a volumizing product and tease the hair. Then lift it off the forehead and secure it with a pretty hair accessory, like a barrette with flowers. If you don't want an Elvis-like poof, says Lepine, you can get lift by simply adding a foam or volumizer to the roots of your hair, then softly teasing hair at the roots by gently pushing the ends of the hair towards the scalp with a brush. Finish by brushing over the hair with a flat brush. This little lift is soft and loose and looks naturally pretty.

Have fun with your bangs. If you have bangs, try pinning them to one side. (You may have to add gel or light hair spray first.) Or apply gel and let your bangs fall in pieces over your forehead. It lightens your look and ups the flirt factor.

Go natural. Short African-American hair that hasn't been straightened is perfect for summer styling, according to Lepine. "You can braid hair, bunch it in certain places, coil it, pin it, texturize it," she points out. "I love pinning short, natural hair with lots of small, beautiful hair accessories." The style can be playful or glamorous, depending on the pieces you choose.

Try a very short ponytail. It's sexy; it's sporty; it's feminine; it's fun. Use a covered elastic or a clip, and if your hair is very thick, apply hair spray or gel to help secure it. You can make the style even more fun by using baby claw clips or barrettes instead of regular barrettes to hold hair up on the sides. One trick: Your short hair will hold better if it's not squeaky clean. (There will also be fewer flyaways.)

Get highlights. Highlights look really chic and pretty on short hairstyles, especially if they're layered and messy, says Lepine. For short hair, highlights should be multidimensional, not all the same color, she notes. Two or three shades of blonde or light brown are best, with the lightest shade on the ends of hair. The blend of highlights makes hair look brighter, she says, and also ensures that roots will be less noticeable.


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