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Feb 12, 2005
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Fake fashion is a $450 billion dollar business. The bigger the brand name, the bigger the payoff for counterfeiters. Take Louis Vuitton. Its signature series of canvas monogram bags is a prime target for knock-off artists and manufacturers. Many of these counterfeit bags are so convincing, they easily fool the average consumer. If you are in the market for the real deal, here's how to make sure you're not getting gypped.

Click here for video.

Good info Mar!

Although I won't bother checking mine because all of them purchased at LV retail stores.

Fakes are everywhere, it's really sad to see those LV fakes on the street like that

yes, here in South AFrica, they sell them on the street, but you can spot a fake from an original, cause our knock offs are disgusting, and last a week.

I only buy originals, worth the money

There was a guy in Atlanta that had some awesome fake coach bags...I didnt get one,but it wasnt easy!

Hey Marisol:

Thanks for sharing the video. We have the fakes all over here. It's true that they're easy to spot.


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