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May 19, 2005
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I have only four nice bottles of perfume and right now I keep them in my jewelry box. BUT I don't go into my jewelry box every day so I'm always forgetting to put my perfume on. I want to figure out a way to store them safely but also to be able to display them. If I see them I'm more likely to spray some on. What do you all use to store and display your perfumes??

LOL honestly, i store mine in the fridge, I'm a big girl, so i cant forget about them there LMAO!!!!!!!!

But for real, I do preserve them in the fridge cause it is hot here

I don't have many bottels of perfume but my fridge isn't big enough to keep them all inside it. I have a special cupboard where I keep all my bottels. It's in my room so I don't have very far to my treasures
It's quite cold inside and, what is so important, there is no sunlight
I can't keep them in their boxes, couse my cupboard is to small

I have too many bottles to keep them all in my fridge, so i keep them in the drawer but fridge might be a good idea. have to try to put some of my bottles in there :)

I have a mirrored perfume tray on my bathroom counter where I keep my favorite / most used perfumes. Then I have a basket in my closet which holds my body sprays and other perfumes.