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Jan 10, 2007
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Step 1: Begin by brushing your hair before you get into the shower. Not only with this help reduce the amount of hairs that get caught in your drain, but it will also reduce breakage as well as stimulate circulation going in your scalp.

Step 2: Wet your hair thoroughly and apply a quarter sized dollop of shampoo to the palm of your hand. Start by lathering hair at the roots and working your way down.

Step 3: If you hair is long you might need to add some more shampoo to your lengths. Once you think your hair is fully lathered and you are ready to rinse, think again. Start giving yourself a good two minute scalp massage with your fingertips.

Gently massage your head in circular motions and lift hair from time to time from the roots. After about every 20 seconds, add just a little bit more water to your hands and work it into your hair. What you are doing is emulsifying your shampoo so that it can reach it's potential and improving circulation in your scalp.

Step 4: Now comes the time to rinse away all of the grimy residue in your hair that you didn't even know could accumulate so quickly. Yes it's true, your hair does need some oils—but natural oils, not the ones that leave a lackluster buildup from styling products.

To begin, set your water to more of a lukewarm temperature and rinse your hair out until it starts to squeak! Lastly, for shiny, bright and smooth hair, close the cuticles by rinsing with cool water.

totally takes the fun out of just jumping into the shower and getting all sudsy and singing lol

Originally Posted by mayyami /img/forum/go_quote.gif totally takes the fun out of just jumping into the shower and getting all sudsy and singing lol LOL, I agree.
I have found that if I brush or comb my hair before I wash it, there are less tangles.

i read sumwhere , i think vouge..?,that when shampooing that you should focus on your scalp not your length otherwise the shampoo can dryout your hair and cause lip locks ~ but i unno i really dont wash my hair as often as i should~~i get so confused with how to care for my hair...since most of what you read in mags is for Caucasian hair x.x but thanks for sharing that

I know you're supposed to end a shampoo with cold water, but I can't do it... Not in the shower LOL!


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