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Huge Stila Sale, Specials, and other such excitement

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May 19, 2005
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This came from the Stila mailing list:

stila summer school

Make the grade with stila summer school. Get your A+ beauty tips

with a stila makeup artist.

Receive a stila icon makeup bag with an exclusive 3 pan compact

ready to fill!

July 22-23rd: Sephora Valley Fair- San Jose

Phone: 408-248-7095

July 23rd: Sephora The Oaks- Los Angeles

Phone: 805-370-9863

stila style fits all

This fall, freshen your makeup case with perfectly fitted

color from stila.

July 21-22nd: Sephora 34th Street- New York

Phone: 212-629-9135

July 23rd: Sephora Staten Island- New York

Phone: 718-761-7724

July 29th: Sephora UVillage- Seattle

Phone: 206-526-9110

July 30th: Sephora Flatiron- New York

Phone: 212-674-3570

August 5th: Sephora 5th Avenue- New York

Phone: 212-980-6534

Sephora Stanford- Northern California

Phone: 650-327-5180

August 5-6th: Sephora Times Square- New York

Phone: 212-944-6789

August 11th: Sephora Ansonia- New York

Phone: 212-362-1500

August 12-13th: Sephora Soho- New York

Phone: 212-625-1309

Sephora Novato- Novato

Phone: 415-878-2004

August 13th: Sephora Forest Hills- New York

Phone: 718-544-0009

Sephora Mission Viejo- Orange County

Phone: 949-364-3449

Sephora Bellevue- Seattle

Phone: 425-467-1337

August 20th: Sephora 67th & 3rd- New York

Phone: 212-452-3336

Sephora Glendale- Los Angeles

Phone: 818-550-1749

August 24th: Sephora Columbus Circle- New York

Phone: 212-823-9383

August 27th: Sephora Union Square- New York

Phone: 212-995-8833

Sephora Anaheim- Orange County

Phone: 714-758-1700

Find other events at your local Stila counter http://www.stilacosmetics.com/templa...ores-_-landing

Jul 8, 2005
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Awesome! The one at UVillage is coming up. Do you just get that for free(like while supplies last) or do you have to have an appointment?

Jul 27, 2005
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Ugh now that I live in Canada I miss out on all the mu fun


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