Hyperpigmentation or AGE SPOTS!!

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Jul 15, 2004
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So....I'm just gonna go ahead and ask this question that has been asked at least a million times!

I need something for my age spots...they are on the side of my neck, both sides, under my jaw. They are a least two inches round. so they are not small by any means. My Mom asked me once..."Pammie, how come your neck is dirty?" I turned at looked at her and said, "Mother, do you really think my neck is dirty? Nooooooo, it's a hormonal problem!"

Anyway, I've been using Hydroquinine 5% from my Dermatologist for a few years now. I put it on before I go to bed under my moisturizer. It fades for awhile but never enough...I cover it up during the day with a concealer and whatever.

I take very good care of my skin but, this is driving me crazy. I saw a product called TNS Recovery Cream. It's $250 a jar. Not within my budget! So....I am asking the same old question again...

What can I do for my age spots?????

But hey, besides that...I'm having a great day! Love reading everyones posts! Some of you are truely nuts!

Hugs, Pammie


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