I am drunk! And will be every day this week!

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Dec 28, 2006
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So amuse me, because I am laughing and I have no idea why ^_^ /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> IT is sunday and the first day of our homecoming type week so I have drank.

Tonight the count was a pitcher of samuel adams beer? Octoberfest? sOmething? 3 tequila sunrises and some sort of nipple drink.

Dunno what that last drink was though.

SO this is my thread for the week in which you can all post random things because i will laugh as i am laughing at absolutely nothing right now! lol have fun! and i love you all <3

Ahh another drunk post, glad your having fun though

I may get drunk someday soon here I need the stress relief

ah drunkness skunkness

"the law of drunkness : you cant fall off the floor" -somewhere

i havent gotten smashed in awhile im glad youre enjoying it!

al least someone having fun

LOL thats so cute! I iwhs i could be drunk right now too,but I am at work already:S

Haha... you need to be watching some youtube videos to keep you giggling.

I just had my sex on the beach drink with my dinner tonight... I'm a bit buzzed.

Man...I wish I could get drunk. But somehow I don't think that drinking wine alone is a very good idea...lol

Originally Posted by michal_cohen /img/forum/go_quote.gif al least someone having fun
Oh the drudgery of having to go to Biology at 9AM.

I quite thankful that I never, ever get hangovers right now. LOL! My friend caught up to me and goes, "Again tonight?"

Hahahah I haven't decided yet!

Have a great time! I am long over-due for a night of just going out and getting bombed.

Manders, somtimes it could be fun to drink wine alone, but I agree with you, not usually. When I was in Rome for two nights by myself I got a bottle (what's the name for the bigger bottle?) each night and drank. At first I was feeling awesome... loving the wine, great buzz... by the end of the bottle I'd be crying because I was soooo lonely.

Awww honey. Enjoy it when you can is my motto. Have a great week....drunk or not.

MAN! all these college homecoming posts Q_Q

I wanna go back to college!

Haha well it was definitely a much-needed break last night, and hopefully this week will continue like this!! I am thinking of going and having a few shots tonight or something, nothing too bad but maybe something? Who knows! LOL

Im in the Aussie equivilant of college but A. we dont have homecoming and B. I feel like I'm already too old to get drunk every night for a week, plus alcohol is not good for you when you're on a diet

I'll live vicariously through you honey!


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