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I am just so clumsy !

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May 2, 2006
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really ! like today, the special knife (tested by my thumbs, good knife) we use to cut bread was in the dishwasher, so i pick a blade for the electric knife (masochist?) and when cutting a slice of bread, it meets my finger (what was it doing here?
). fortunately my nail stopped the blade so i'm happy i don't eat my nails anymore, but i cut myself pretty good.

last week i burnt my tongue and the roof of my mouth, forgetting something coming out of the microwave is HOT (FIY : in case that happens to you, drink slowly cold milk, it helps a lot-tested and approved).

and two weeks ago i burnt my left hand, nothing serious, but i had to put a bandage for the rest of day (to avoid leaving little amounts of cream everywhere).

not mentioning the mornings (i'm not a morning person) when half of the boiled water coming from the kettle goes everywhere but in my bowl >.<

i also let my mom use the oven, i kinda have the habit of taking molds with my bare hands in or out of the oven
(though i'm more careful about that now).

each time i have a new pair of shoes, i get blisters on my ankles not matter what i do, i even have two small scars because of this.

don't you just hate being clumsy sometimes ? i don't know, usually i'm careful enough to avoid cuts and burns, but lately... maybe i'm more lost in my thoughts than i usually am.

or maybe this is because i watched Mac Gyver on tv as a kid

but to reassure you, i have a good stock of bandages, surgical tape, elastic bandage, band aids of every size and type, creams, a full bottle of Betadine and a bottle of Dakin (great too!).