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I can see them, but I cant touch them!!

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Jan 4, 2007
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I am good and stuck. I am writing an essay slash biographic account slash annotated bibliography of vassar college professor Lucy Maynard Salmon.

Because I got my eyes lasered I got an extension to the end of this month, whereas everyone else had to hand theirs in on friday.

She's really interesting and i was really looking forward to studying her in depth HOWEVER. There are 3 biographies of her that I've found, and I cannot get them ANYWHERE. Borders has it, but only american borders! and because of the shipping times and christmas coming up, I will never get it in time to actually read it for my assignment!

It is SO frustrating, all these websites list the three books I need but I can't touch them, I cant reach them!

So, I am debating on whether to change my person, or ask my teacher for advice. Only thing is, I feel weird about that since it is a major assignment, everyone else has handed theirs in, and I'm still ****ing about choosing my person! it just looks bad!

your thoughts?