I can see them, but I cant touch them!!

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Jan 4, 2007
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I am good and stuck. I am writing an essay slash biographic account slash annotated bibliography of vassar college professor Lucy Maynard Salmon.

Because I got my eyes lasered I got an extension to the end of this month, whereas everyone else had to hand theirs in on friday.

She's really interesting and i was really looking forward to studying her in depth HOWEVER. There are 3 biographies of her that I've found, and I cannot get them ANYWHERE. Borders has it, but only american borders! and because of the shipping times and christmas coming up, I will never get it in time to actually read it for my assignment!

It is SO frustrating, all these websites list the three books I need but I can't touch them, I cant reach them!

So, I am debating on whether to change my person, or ask my teacher for advice. Only thing is, I feel weird about that since it is a major assignment, everyone else has handed theirs in, and I'm still ****ing about choosing my person! it just looks bad!

your thoughts?

It's not like you can help not being able to get in reach of those books, but if there's no way of getting the information you need i would suggest picking someone else to write the essay on. That way you can get the books you need and start your paper.

I would ask the professor. I had the same issue with my major assignment and i spoke to her and she helped out. Can you borrow the book from a library or get a loan from another school? Ive been doing that for my assignment.

my uni wouldnt do inter-library loans for undergraduates, only post grad.

So, I went to my local library and put in a request but because it's complicated they have to call back and say whether they're get-able or not, how much it will cost and how long it will take.. sigh.

that sucks about the inter-library thing. Well idk maybe try to change it to someone you know you can get info on and fast.

If I were you, I would definitely change my person. Just talk to your professor and they will understand. It's not your fault that your resources are hard to get.

Sorry Rosie! Definitely ask for your prof's advice... I've had that happen to me before (not finding or having the access to the topic i chose) and the prof was totally great about it. I hope it works out for you!

hmm, i think i'd change. talk first to your professor, see if you can get some advice.

I would tell the professor the situation first. They may have a usefull suggestion on the subject.
I can't help you, but your title was catchy!!! When you do your paper, I'm sure you'll do great.