I cleaned my car today!

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Mar 30, 2007
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Yay! I vacuumed the inside, washed the windows, and sprayed armor all on the interior. I feel so accomplished, since I've been so lazy this whole weekend. I took it to the car wash, but the self serve one, and washed the outside. Unfortunately it still left a lot of dirt behind. Oh well, at least it smells clean! This was a pointless thread, but I thought I'd share.

beep, beep...

Its makes you feel good when you have completed a task that you have been meaning to do for a while, i would feel good too

I cleaned my car today too...............then it rained. Never fails.

It's so difficult trying NOT to get the car so dirty. I make such a big effort trying NOT to make a big mess cuz i'm uber lazy if i have to clean it.

I'm glad you feel accomplished..it's a good feeling...I would love to accomplish more if i wasn't such a professional procrastinator LOLOL

I know the feeling...I just cleaned my room, tore it apart and moved everything around. Theres nothing like that acomplised something that REALLY needed to be done. haha


A clean car is a happy car, I always say.

I wash mine at least once a week. Wash, Wax, and Vacuum at least twice a month. And ofcourse a lot of times... the rain comes out of no where (like seriously... rain in Los Angeles is unheard of!)

Lummerz: I'm a big procrastinator too...in pretty much everything..lol. This was the first time I've washed my car since July!

Saje: You are def. NOT a procrstinator..lol. I'm way to lazy to wash my car once a week & I NEVER wax..lol. Good for you

Nah... its just what happens when you have a significant other who is into cars. You kind of get sucked into their world -_- /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

And I left out an important part... (he helps me ... and sometimes makes me! bwahaha!)

I can't stand driving an unclean car.... I wash my truck to extreme and keep it vacumed.... I even keep a bottle of windex on the cab and a roll of paper towels... My wife is always making fun of me.... And then I get in my son's car today.. Ekkkkkkkk!!! Have to kick the soda bottles off the floor and candy wrappers off the seat.... I'd swear I could see things moving under there too!!! lol