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May 22, 2006
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I have a friend that came to me. Long story short, she was date raped, she is now preg. and she is getting an abortion. I am the only person who know this.

Another friend is getting a divorce after someone called her husband and informed him that his wife is cheating. She is. She cheated before they got married and she hasn't slacked off. He has hit and beat on her in the past. I hope she is okay. He hasn't let her out of the house.

Now, I find out that a very dear person in my life is HIV+. He could be gone in a year or less.

I am thankful for my health, my love and that I am not going through an battles right now. I just hope I can be there for these three people now.

You'd be surprised where you can pull strength from to help people you care about. Sorry to hear it though.

Wow. As KellyB said, you will find the strength to help your friends. There is also an excellent support group here to vent to and to bounce ideas off of. We can and will offer support. Good luck and we are here for you!

Sorry to hear that .. Keep positive while staying positive for them

Im sorry to hear about all that your goin through. Just be strong and you'll make it through. I know its easier said than done but you just gotta try.

I'm so sorry to hear that Joy! Just try to stay strong for them, and be there when they need you.

Wow!. That's intense. I agree with what everyone said here though. You just have to stay positive and be there for your friends.

That is overwhelming. I am so sorry you are having to watch this happen to your friends--life can be so harsh.

That must be really difficult. I agree with the others in regards to trying to stay strong and be there for your friends. Were here for you. Please feel free to vent. You will be in my thoughts.

So sorry to hear all this, but take everyone's advice and try and stay stron and posiitve so you can be there for them when they need to lean on you. And you know if it gets abit overwhelming, were all here to listen *hugs*

I'm so sorry to hear that.
Perhaps encourage them to seek therapy? I have no doubt that you'll find the strength to be a good friend.

oh i thought that you will say to us something like "everyone is saying to me about his problems BUT I HAVE MY PROBLEMS TOO!"

You are very strong and i think that your friends have a lot of luck to have a friend like you.

Sorry that your friends are going through so much right now, like Sabbathat said, they are lucky to have someone like you who cares in their lives.

It's wonderful you are there for your friends. It means a lot to know that there is support when it's needed. They're all such cruel dilemmas..I think gently encouraging your friends to seek therapy would be a good idea as well. Wishing your friends and you all the best.

You sound like you are a good friend. I wish you and your friends all the best though their troubled times.

I'm sorry to hear that people who are close to you are going through very difficult situations. All you can do is be there for them and be a good friend, which I'm sure you will.


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