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May 2, 2006
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so you know newsletters, you subcribe but you don't read them much. well this one was talking about up to 80% discount on Jacques Dessange products, hair, makeup and skincare. i ended up buying some stuff :

-a pro Babyliss hairdryer, power 1900watts, 2 speeds, one cold function (i heard it's good to have this on a hairdryer so...), 4 temperatures. it was sold 22€ instead of 81€, i thought it was a great discount and as mom was tired of me stealing her hairdryer....

-a "pro" angled brush (so i can do some contour!), 6€ i thought it would cost me less than a MAC angled brush lol.

the shipping costs made me eeeeek but considering i wouldn't find such good prices elsewhere, let's go for that.

oh, and my mom bought me this set for christmas but i know nothing of course : a set from Yves Saint Laurent containing a false lashes effect mascara (black), an eye makeup remover and a black khol. for 23€, the price of the mascara alone. woohoo !!

Great deals! Enjoy your stuff.