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Jul 31, 2005
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I phoned up about a sales/demonstartor job today and iv got an interview thursday but im soooo scared! Its for helen e hair and cosmetics (a new uk brand) but its a group interview
and we will have to demonstarte products on eachother, im not scared about applying make up to someone because i was used to that when i studied beauty therapy at college but i dont want someone applying make up on me. I went on the pill about 2 weeks ago and my skin has gone mad the last few days! what am i gonna do?? i hate the idea of being seen without foundation/concealer. Iv managed to reduce my spots by half the size and dried them out in 2days so hopefully in another 2 days they might be almost gone. The only thing i can think of to say is im not perfect i do get breakouts and when it comes to selling maybe a concealer i can show them just how well it helps cover spots that i have. Also what about questions like whats your weakness? why do you want to work here, what do you have to offer? i aint got a clue what to say im totally crapping myself. Help me please lol

I can't give you any suggestions because I've never had a job interview, but good luck! Just be your best self and show confidence (even if you have to fake it!) and I'm sure you'll be fine

When they ask about your weaknessess, use them to play up your strenghts. For example, when an interviewer ask me what my biggest weaknesses are, I tell them that I'm a perfectionist, I work too hard, and I have a hard time leaving a project before it's finished correctly.

Thanks for replying ladies, faith-abigail that is a great suggestion because i do myself find it hard leaving something thats not finished and this way i wont be lying to them, thanks

Originally Posted by Aprill849 /img/forum/go_quote.gif moving this out of the adult forum ....... Thanks. It was in general talk to start of with, but tony moved it to the adult forum for some reason lol

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