I got my schedule last night!!

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Nov 15, 2006
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Okay, my school has this thing were every friday is Club day. And I got to pick 3 clubs i would have wanted in the 8th grade [last year i start 9th tomorrow] And the one got was not what i wanted.

I got Penn State fan club. & Sorry to say I'm not a fan of penn state. haha.

And i don't understand what were gunna do every friday all year long in a penn state fan club?.. haha.. & My friend got it too and she didn't want it either.

Maybe have pizza parties when it's game time?? IDK who comes up with these clubs??? Sounds strange! What were your other choices?

Originally Posted by Manda /img/forum/go_quote.gif Maybe have pizza parties when it's game time?? IDK who comes up with these clubs??? Sounds strange! What were your other choices? Journalism, Out doors club, and Like some walking thing.
haha, the choices were lame!

High School!! Have fun, honey. HS was wayyy too much fun. I hope you enjoy it all because it really does go by so fast!

Oh I loooovvved Journalism!! They payed my way in school!!!! LOL for my associate's that is. I will have to hijack your thread and post some of my old newspapers that i made

Sounds like with the choices that you had that they do it more for kids to get involved and get to know one another. Your friends is at least in that same club so it can not be that bad. You will make it fun I am sure.

As for being scared or nervous, I know what you mean. Starting HS after middle was so scary for me on that first day, we went from the big kids on campus to the youngest on campus. It will be so much fun that you will forget you were ever nervous. HS was one of the most fun times of my life, so I am sure you will enjoy it.

Tell us all about the first day. Maybe even post a First day of School FODT/LOTD (look of the day).

becky, i will do! I know highschools going to be fun and everything but ahhh first few days are gunna suck!

i HOPE so aprill.

Jess, the first few days of HS are definitely intimidating. Actually, my first two weeks were so AHHH! I wanted to scream. I can't tell you how many times I walked into the Senior classrooms and was like "OH SH*T!" I was also a new cheerleader, so I had to prove myself to be accepted on the squad. Basically I used to get so nervous that I would be upstairs and think I was downstairs -- it was crazy! High school will definitely be fun. I had the time of my life, and wish I had known how it was going to feel to leave so I would have lived it up a little bit more, and really appreciated all I did.

Think of all the hot guys you'll meet =P

Aww haha. Im glad we don't have floor levels.

Everything is on one level. haha.

I don't think it will be toooo bad, but im just ehh nervous!

my high school had 4 levels. It was crazy confusing at first, but then I settled in. Good luck, I'm sure it will work out ok!

Yeah, don't be so nervous, you will do great and you will have tons of fun. Just get involved with things- clubs (well your on your way with that! haha), sports, whatever you are into. I was into journalism and did newspaper and that was a lot of fun, especially my junior and senior years! Good luck on your first day!

Yeah I reallllly wanted Journalism so badly

Maybe once the school year starts there will be an opening in the Journalism club. It's worth looking into.


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