I hate/i miss thongs!

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Mar 30, 2006
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my problem is this...i used to *love* buying thongs. i haven't bought any in over a year now. if i buy a medium thong panty it will fit my hips and bottom perfectly.... for about a week and then it will shrink to where it pinches my hips, making an ugly undie-muffintop effect. its uncomfy and looks horrid when i'm nude.

ew... if i buy a large thong panty it fits my behind perfect but its too LOOSE on my hips. i think i may be some wierd in between size i have this problem with "most" clothes.

any siggestions on what size to buy or what material to choose? the all cotton are the most comfty but most likely to shrink. I miss thongs
but my ample backside and hips seem to make getting new ones an issue.


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