I have lake front property!

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Nov 5, 2005
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again. thanks to it being raining all day in sheets today.

and i woke up to see the apt. parking lot was flooded, so i had to park my car on the other side of the apt. complex and then wear rain boots just to get to and from my apt.

what joy.

i took these pictures as i was coming back home an hour ago.

How "fun" !!

Dont you just "love" that ??

We have a lot of rain here too, but thankfully, no flooding. It is a pain in the a**, all the same..

Its supposed to get better tomorrow.. hang in there.. hugs

WOW.... You guys get way more rain than we do!! and were second clowdiest to you too!!! So where't the photos of you playing in the rain with your boots on? lol

When the hurricanes come (and I don't mean U Miami, Karren) the street in front of our house always floods. I know what you are going through.


there are thunder storms here too. Is it raining all over the world? hope your lake front property dries out soon


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