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Nov 5, 2005
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my mac 316 brush died while i was cleaning it.

and when i mean by died, like the brisles all came out and now there isnt any left in there.

this has never happened to me or any brush ive had before. i have no idea how this happened, as i wash my brushes every 2 weeks and i use warm water and baby shampoo which has never given me problems.

now im totally paranoid about washing all my other brushes.

does anyone have an idea why this happened, cause i know mac brushes arent supposed to do this after several years.

Aww RIP MAC 316

I don't have any MAC brushes, so I don't know too much about them, but this has never happened to any of the cheaper brushes I own. Straaange

I remember reading here that somebody got a MAC brush exchanged (the new brush was mailed to the person) because it was shedding. You should contact their customer service.

Sorry for the loss.

how long did you have it for? and how many times would you say you have washed this particular brush?

Were you fully submerging the brush into the solution or getting the entire brush wet down to the shank/barrel? Other than that the only thing I can think of is that it would be defective. I would take it back and exchange it. I have never used the MAC brand brushes though I am sure they are good. Shu Uemura has an excellent line of brushes if you decide to look further. They are on the expensive side but I look at my brushes as an investment well made.

wow thats really weird i dont know what to say! Maybe you washed it in really hot water?

I've had this happen before. When you wash them the water stays around the bristles up inside the handle...after awhile they get brittle and break off.


I wish someone would invent some sort of holder where your brushes could dry with the bristles facing down. Water gets down in the shank and over a period of time will loosen the glue that's holding the bristles in it.

I would definitely e-mail MAC customer service and let them know about it. They will most likely replace your brush for you. I love my 209 but the bristles like to splay out for some reason and some of them have broken off.

I would attempt to take it back. That brush, being Mac, probably cost a fortune. It's worth a shot.

If almost all the bristles are out, possible something within the brush shank has totally "let go"... namely, the glue. That really bites, but still, try and see if they will take it back.

thanks for the suggestion guys!

im gonna see if i they'll still take it back (since its like about like over 3 years old).

When I wash my brushes and lay them out to dry, I lay them on a towel but fold the towel so the brushes will dry at a slant so any water or moisture will "run off."


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