I have oily skin! but i really want to wear foundation!

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Aug 23, 2007
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its hot and its summer but i cant not wear my makeup. u understand. but yea. im so oily looking and i end up having to wash my face like 3 times a day. so what should i do, i use a face wash for oily skin

I used to have oily skin but not anymore now.

You shouldn't wash your face more than 2 times a day or it will make your skin produce more oil. Also, you might want try using makeup base for oily skin it usually works for some people at least for me.

By the way, post your skincare regimen. Others might have some tips or suggestions for you.

did you know that the more you wash your face the more oil it produces? your skin thinks its being stripped of oil so it's over compensating. try washing only twice a day, morning and evening, and find a good oil free moisturizer. it may not help much with the sweating, but it should help normalize your oil production somewhat. hope this helps.

I have found that some of the oil controlling mineral powder has helped lowered the amount of oil my skin produces.

I am using Jane Iredale's pressed powder and Larenim's Dusk til Daw Skin Treatment.

I have oily, acne prone skin. I wear Revlon Colorstay foundation and concealer. I get good coverage, spf, and I don't feel too oily.

Try using an oil controlling moisturizer or oil controlling make up. Check that it actually says "oil controlling" rather than oil free. Prescriptives has an oil contrilling moisturizer and origins has something you apply to your face prior to applying make up and it contains clay so it totally mattifies your skin. I would check that out, otherwise they have a cleanser that contains clay that mattifies but isn't as strong at their other product. I hope you find something
good luck!

I'd suggest an oil-free lightweight foundation, tru neutrogena visbly even, it's my summer foundation, for when my skin gets oilier

Mineral m/u is really good for us oily girls. I find my face isn't nearly as oily, even at the end of the day.

Another thing I've discovered is pearl powder for evening out my skin's oiliness.

I always read that you shouldn't wash your face a lot if you have oily skin! Because it just causes MORE oil because it dries it out and it compensates by producing more oil. Also ALWAYS use a moisturizer, just cause it's oily, doesn't mean it can go w/ out a moisturizer.

I stopped washing my face so much too. It just dries it now, I wash it at night and just rinse it the next morning. Or use a light cleanser in the morning. I apply moisturizer at least twice a day.

Boots has a makeup base that keeps you matte for a while. You just put on moisturizer then before it dries you rub the base on your face and it looks completely dry and un-shiny lol.

It's called Mattifying Makeup Base.

i had an oily skin too but now(as i'm getting older) i have a combination-dry skin. i suggest you to use powder instead of foundation. the mineral foundation can be good for you too

I'm also going to recommend trying mineral makeup. My face stays matte longer than when wearing traditional foundation. Go to the mineral makeup board and start reading. You may want to sample foundations with kaolin clay or rice powder to help with oil control. I'm still on the fence about the oil cleansing method. I've been doing this for about a month now. I've got a combination of castor, olive, apricot and jojoba oil. I also added tree tree and rosemary essential oil to the bottle. Just in the last week, I've also used the ocm for removing my eye makeup at night. I think I'm going to stop this. I'm now getting creasing again even though I'm using the UDPP.

I used to have dry skin, but now mine is getting oily. For my oily skin I'm using Powder foundation. I still need to find a face cleanser.


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