I have to go to a wedding...

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Jun 9, 2007
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...and dont know how to wear my dress.

im going to wear a black long dress that has a bit of gold on the top and black peep toe shoes but im stuck as to what accessories to have. i only have one appropriate bag thats a black clutch but very plain, would a big black bag look out of place?

i want to wear pearls but how many? earings necklace and bracelet what do i choose?

and how should my hair be for a formal event? consdering its long and my dress is halterneck.

am i dressing too formal? its a close relative but the wedding is at 6 but the dinner is at 10

any advice tips ideas or what you would wear would be a great help!

why not wear gold jewelry? that'd look really nice with the gold in the dress.

your hair is entirely up to you. i always wear it down during formal events.

thanks for replying.

i have gold small hoop earings but no gold bracelet or necklace and i need jewelry because the dress is too plain. maybe ill wear the gold earings and a pearl bracelet that has gold on it.

If you're wearing a halter style dress you can do an up hair style that way it brings out your features more and shows your back, neck and shoulders. I agree with gold jewellery.

Don't over do it with the jewellery less is more. A necklace, earrings and a ring. You're all set.