I Hit Pan On My Stila "Kitten" Shadow...

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Aug 9, 2006
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I just recently hit pan on my Stila "Kitten" eyeshadow and I almost had a panic attack! lol!

Even though I know Stila is not discontinuing this shade and I can always purchace another when I run out, I still freaked out a little. lol.

Are any of you like this with any of your makeup? If so, which products?

Or am I just weird? lol.

I'm like that. I had that happen and the product WAS discontinued. Luckily a very kind MUT member sent me a stash of extras so I have something to rely on! PHEW!

Thats why I buy like 3 of everything. But when I hit pan on my Benefit Ultrazing...I freaked out. I searched the net for anyone who had it and paid a fortune for several.

I'll be like that with MAC Midimauve. I have 4 of them, so I'm good for now.

I tend not to go through makeup so fast, unless they are staples I use everyday. In that case, I don't really freak out, I am actually please with myself that I stuck it out that long to use it up. On the other hand, I do grunt a little because it's more money that I have to spend on replacing that quality item. I always have confuzzled feelings, LOL!

I think I'll get like that with any makeup that hits the pan - simply because I'm like, "damnit - gotta spend more money now to replace it."

But I tend to change up different shades so that does not happen as quickly.

I got like that with my natural MSF. But I had a back up so I am lucky this time.

It's pretty rare for me to use up ANY product. I'm fickle. But I can easily see myself panicking when I finally run out of my Estee Lauder Idealist skin refinisher. (Although I have to admit a lot of that is because I'm in love with the smell, haha.)

always. haha. espically if they really ARE going to discontinue it. or when a product is not available in singapore. LOL. no worrries, im like that too... most of the time

Ive really been thinking of getting a Kitten and Holly Golightly backup.

I just recently hit pan on my benefit browzings and my Stila Lillium CC.

I get like that with my Benefit High Brow, which I use almost every day. I have a backup though so, I feel okay. LOL!!

I am obsessed with kitten... have two at the moment. Jennifer made me love golightly too!!!

I've hit pan with my MAC shroom and Milani Luminous blush. Good thing I got backups! For me I get a bit disgruntled that I used it so much but than I also get the feeling of "wow! I finally hit pan, so I can use my backup!" hehe


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