I just came up with a new diet

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Jun 1, 2007
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And I'm calling it "Karren's Don't Mess Up My Makeup Diet". And its all based on the fact that you can NOT eat a Big Mac witout messing up your lipstick and some of your makeup.. And its all so simple.. First go out and get a professional makeover every morning (didn't say its a cheap diet did I?). Now you look just fantastic and want to keep it that way all day.. And since you spent sooo much on the makeover and you can't eat a fatening burger without messing it up.. You automatically loose weight.. And maybe you couldn't afford a burger after spending all that money anyway.. Lol...

Disclaimer - results may vary, void where prohibited by law, not available in all states.. 100% post consumer recycled humor, before starting any diet check with your doctor, makeup artist and McDonalds... Objects are closer than they appear...

Too funny, I just have on gloss. So I think I shall go grab a burger maybe Sonic though. YUM!

Originally Posted by KellyB /img/forum/go_quote.gif
So we'll have to drink instead.

That's problematic too.... That's why i always carry a couple straws in my purse.... So i don't muss my lipstick!!! lol
oh, thanks a ton karren...all you got me doing is craving a bigmac...and im not wearing any makeup and its not morning so im not gonna put it on...*sigh* lucky for you you wrote that objects are closer than they appear on the disclaimer...now i cant sue... LMAO!

but in all honnesty im gonna try it, if im wearing nice lipgloss, i wont eat (unless im hungry and i need to, lets be realistic i loveee food lol)


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