I just dont know what to do anymore

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Apr 12, 2006
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ok im getting married this sat.. exciting.. well you would think but its not.. my dad has been nothing but an ass in the beggining. we were just going to go to a court house .. but my mom and dad said they had a preatcher that was close to the family and i have always wanted to get married in my parents yard.. its beautiful. all my dad has said is how he hates this this is my mother f-ing fault him and mom are fighting. he cant wait for this to be over .. that he dont want to walk down the isle . he is not saying anything in the wedding. if my uncles show up he dont get alond with he is leaving. . he told me to go find mye real dad to walk me down the isle. i have cried and cried i dont know how many times. i hate this whole thing. mom and i was painting tonight.. seems my causin stol yet anotehr thing that was not there. my mom said i dont want thim at the wedding.. they are going to be going through everyones car and i said yeah derik and i dont eitehr he said fine iw ill tell my whole family.. mom said no i said i never said your whole family. and then they go into it mom asked my dad to kill her. cause he is stressing her to have a heart attack..she through a paint brush and paint at him he laughed she went inside he ke[t laughing at her.. i said STOP IT.. he told me to go to hell this was all my foult anyway.. iom a ***** yeah yeah.. i said to him not to stop this or i would kick him in the nuts not throw paint. he said "how about you get your shit and get away from my house.. go get away.. we dont want you here" i flipped the **** out i yelled and cusses him told him i have not herd one congrats from you. or im happy for you or anything postive for that matter.. its been nothing but hell my parents have been mean and stressed dad saying how they paid for everything and i should have just gone to a court house and oh my god

so bottem line i dont know what to do.. i dont want my dad (step dad) at the wedding anymore i cant do this anymore i have had a break down already and am sick of this whole thing..should i find a different place.. but what about the things my mother has bought.

thank you for your reply i think its what we are going to do.. im going to just have mom take everything back and let everyone know by word of mouth that we are just going to the justice of peace.. key word.. peace

Wow, I can just imagine how horrible you feel! Your step dad sounds like an ass to be treating you and your mom that way. If you feel it is too much, maybe you should just go to the court house and have a reception/party somewhere. I just really can't believe how your stepdad is ruining this for you! Good luck with everything and congrats on getting married!