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Apr 23, 2006
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So next time I complain that I have no money, yall can refer me back to this thread and I won't even tell you to mind your own business. No pics..........I'm too lazy but I figured after the last few weeks, I deserved something.

First I hit the Benefit Counter and bought some Bad Gal Lash. I've been missing it. I think it's still my HG even though I love the others I've been using.

Then I went to MAC and bought:

Royal Assets pallette in Pink Lips

Curiotease Warm Pigments----really pretty colors

Heirlooms-Face Brush set.........I've been wanting a #187 but this whole set, while shorter versions, was only six dollars more than the one brush. It includes: 168se, 187se, 190se and 194se. These are my first MAC brushes and it came in a pretty little clutch.

Headed to Belks after that:

I love Fossil purses. I like the smaller ones with the built in wallet but even the canvas ones are $58 and never on sale....til today. 25% off and another 30% red tag. I got two for $60 something. I got a red one and a tan one.

Then I went to the shoe store and bought a new pair of Crocs for work.

Think that's it........I love 3 payday months.

How do you like the pink lips? I'm debating on whether I should get that one or the Viva Glamorous warm lips!

I really like it but I love Viva Glam and If I didn't already have quite a few of the VG's I would have bought that pallette.

Wow great stuff (well maybe except for the crocs
) Enjoy it all Kelly!


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