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Feb 6, 2005
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... Bagatelle!!

I know, i'm mad but i just had to share this with you guys!

It's such a fab colour and i must buy lots before they sell out!!

Originally Posted by MacForMe Me too! Me too! its a great versatile color.. I hope they dont d/c it! Grr! Yay, i'm not the only one!

I'm pretty sure it's LE - typical!

I plan on stocking up coz i never want to be out of it. And if i ever make it onto the asian bridal MU scene, then this will be a fab colour to use!

Originally Posted by Trisha Glad you found something you love so much Bhav, i like it, but probably not on the same level as you!
Bagatelle isnt listed as LE on the MAC site as far as i can see! x

I really like it coz it's such a fab colour that goes with most things. And it's perfect for a neutral MU too - which i tend to do a lot for work.
it is LE. it's from the d'bohemia collection

i love it too!! i actually went out and got a back up of it. and i've never done that. it works great as a wash and works well with other colors. i love it i love it i love it!

Originally Posted by Trisha Hmm nothing LE has the triangle next to it anymore, Bhav i think you'd be best emailing the MAC site to find out x I changed my location on the MAC site to US, and the LE traingle is showing up next to it...
It is a pretty color... but I think it's a bit like Woodwinked... so I guess if all else fails - ?