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Feb 1, 2006
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Since Ember passed away I haven't been too interested in buying another bird. It seems so quiet around here and I do miss not having a pet. I'm considering buying another budgie/parakeet and may try to find a breeder who hand tames budgies. Males are more vocal and pick up human words better compared to females. I know when they are 6-8 weeks old hard to tell the sex of them until they mature, older. Budgies are fun to have, really smart. They are parrots, one of the smallest species.

I found this funny,cute video of a budgie talking and looking into the camera.

This young budgie is cute. I like how he plays fetch with his owner, uses his feet to move his toy, lol. It sounds like the bird is saying some human words, hard to tell what he/she is saying.

I had a darling cockatiel once who could whistle the theme music to The Andy Griffith Show! Unfortunately, he needed constant attention, and when we neglected him, he started screeching and we never could get him to stop.

Life is short - have as many pets as you can!

Your bird was so cute. The second one is cute playin fetch...how cute. If I were you Id get another one. They are so cute.


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