i need a good brand of spray

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Jan 21, 2013
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I need a Hair spray that's good with all different kinds of hair dealing with alot of volume ! I have to do hair for my friends birthday and they all want me to do their hair,their All an different race and I want their hair to look good the whole night. I sometimes use a brand called Big Sexy Hair and it works for me but i need a new brand that's better to use on my friends . I'm not worried about price :) just need to know what's good .

I don't use hair spray a lot but when I do I used Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper and it seems to work good for me. I am sure some of the other ladies that use it constantly can give you other recommendations as well.

I also don't use hairspray every day, but when I do I use it I have a couple of different types from Ojon that I love. One is in a long, tall brown bottle and has medium hold that easily brushes out & doesn't build up. The other one is in a white bottle that has much stronger hold & works well for holding the sides of my hair in place when I tie it up or want stronger waves in my hair. I've tried other ones but they all make my scalp itch & dry it out. These are the only two I can use, although they're not a cheaper brand.


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