I need a good matte foundation.

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Aug 17, 2007
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The foundation I use now is bare escentuals, and it's good... but I'm kinda getting sick of the dewy look it gives me.

The only recommendation I got was for MUFE Mat Velvet, and I wanna take a look at other brands before I stop by Sephora.

Also, what about MAC Foundations? I heard a lot of stories about people breaking out to them... while other people swear by them.

Help meeee? <3

thankies darlings.

lacome colour ideal is quite matte, it's a really nice foundation but it is a bit pricy.

My new trick is to mix MAC Studio Fix Fluid (foundation) with a matching color MAC tinted moisturizer to knock off a little of the "cakey-ness." I don't recommend this because it could get expensive. But if money is no object ...

I used to use Mac Studio Stick foundation and I noticed that I would get alot of little zits when I used it for a couple of days straight (and I don't have oily or problem skin). I do like their Select tint in the summer for light coverage. Honestly I like Cinema Secrets or RCMA. They are both matte and last all day. They are highly pigmented so they give excellent coverage but are heavier. If you apply with a damp sponge they go an a little more sheer. I got samples from camerareadycosmetics.com so I could make sure I got the right shade. Good Luck!

I like Prescriptives Foundation Stick. I am not sure if that is the proper name or if has been discontinued.

I like studio fix fluid. I thought it broke me out but it was something else because it works fine now. I mix it with some of CoverFX's naturalFX to make it lighter and not look cakey and add some of LUSH's eau roma toner and my regular moisturizer.

I love the following:


Lancome Color Ideal

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra

I have a friend who swears by Monave mmu. She has oily skin and when she uses Monave she is sheen free . . .

Mac fdns are the worst in my opinion, i have never found a color match and i've broken out in it.

I love Dior's FOREVER foundation. It seriously is the only foundation that has lasted on my skin all day long, doesn't break me out and does not look cakey. This gives light to medium coverage and a semi matte look. I think you'd really like this one


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