I need a new webcam

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Aug 25, 2006
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But have no idea about them!!

Does anyone have one or know about them?

I was using the Logitech quickcam pro 3000 which was given to me by a friend but now its just stopped working!

So Im gonna buy one 2moro.

Anyway Ive been looking on a local shop site at some, I dunno which would be best to get?

Can someone please take a look for me and reccomend a decent one?

(I dont want to pay alot!)

Shop for WEB CAM at Argos.co.uk

Sorry the link is huge

I use a Creative Labs laptop cam... about $50.00. USB and works great. It clips right to the top of the laptop screen and is adjustable up and down... plus focus... Used to web cam a lot on Yahoo IM when on business trips but haven't lately....

Kind of looks just like this from Best Buy buy mine is older


Creative Labs - Live! Ultra Notebook Web Cam - VF0310