i need advice on hair!

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Dec 13, 2012
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hello, im kate, im 16 so decently young. I want my hair to grow to my hip but its almost past my chest right now. ive always wanted platinum blonde hair but I have naturally brown hair and eye brows. my eyes a light green with grey around the outside. I have a athletic body and I have a sort of yellowish skin completion. Im white but not pail nor tan until summer. my hair now is a redish dark brown and its dyed. I straighten my hair quit a bit. my natural hair is coarse and thick and wavy. I don't believe it will ever be a beautiful silky texture sense it feels like a horses tail. I get it trimmed regulary and I take cosmetology now. BUT I have no idea what to do with my hair. I take much pride in my appearance and I try to look the best I can be. not that it isn't normal but I work hard to compare to a Victoria secret model. though I wish I could do blonde but my mom says its like a kardashion trying to go blonde, it makes me sad. I just don't see what I can do and ive done blonde highlights but again it dosnt make me look like the best I could be. oh! as well it might be important to know my face is a heartish shape. I have small almond eyes and a little mouth sooo pleaaaasseee I want professional advice! thanks so much!

I need advice on a hair style and color!


First of all, Victoria's Secret models have the benefit of airbrushing. While they are gorgeous women, they are not as perfect in real life as they are in print.

As far as your hair, I suggest instead of trying to dye it, have you thought of trying some of the beautiful hairdos that are so trendy right now? A lot of the loose braids and twists I have seen anywhere can give you a really beautiful new look without chopping or dyeing your hair. Examples:

The other thing that's helpful to remember is that models, celebrities, famous faces usually have armies of stylists, MUAs, hair people plus several hours of sitting through all that jazz to get that look and then, as Daylah mentioned, they're photoshopped if on a shoot to make it even more perfect and totally unrealistic. If you want a VS model look, try doing loose, bouncy curls/waves. The other thing that seems to stand out is that a lot of them are bronzed and have great contoured faces, a smokey or shimmery white eye with loads of mascara/falsies and usually a pink or nude lip. 

I use garlic shampoo but my first response was not good rather stick to the nice smelling pantene or herbal essence. However, i have been using it for the last week and let me tell you i have find huge changes. 

Hey! I have a perfect solution for you. I have tried it on my own. Go for Hair Spa. Seriously, Spa treatments have made my hair beautiful and long and thick. I really don't know what happened but I am very happy seeing the spa results.

One thing I would like to recommend you that is "You must go to good beauty salons." Going for cheaper solutions is never good. There would be a range of beauty treatments for you. 

its good if you consult a hair stylist so that they can advice you better based upon your look... or you can try some new hair styles by yourself.

I think you can try the new trendy look by updo hairstyles, a braided hairstyles are in trend and it doesn't need to dye the hair.


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