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Nov 26, 2005
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ok, i had dark blonde with growing out highlights. i mixed dk blonde with med. ash blonde and everything looks good but my roots on top are orange. i thought that if i used ash it wouldn't do it. oh i used dk. and med. b/c i wanted it to be a little lighter than dark blonde but not as light as med . blonde. i just want my orange roots darkened a little or just not orange. any tips please.

Follow the intructions

thanks, i actually used revlon colorsilk, which my hair feels and smells very nice from the conditioner, i followed the directions on it, but,i guess i should had just put it on my hair and left it on for 5 or 10 min. all together . i think that would had turned out better than what it said. root 20 along with the rest of the hair 5 minutes.

Actauly I said follow directions cuz u only leave the root stuff in for only ten minutes!!

after applying

Yeah that actually happens a lot. If you've got more than one color on your hair the color is going to react differently with one color than the other. Which is why you're supposed to leave the color on your roots for a certain amount of time and then pull it through to the rest of the hair. So when most people try to dy their own hair something goes wrong. My advice is just go to a pro and let them fix it.

yeah, i had a feeling this would happen, i followed the directions to a t, but i guess i should had just gone with my gut feeling. oh well it's not too bad, just not what i wanted. they're more of just a lighter golden color now.

i was just thinking, i'm kind of scared to do my roots(really it's all the top of my hair), with a permanent color. my scalp feels a little itchy and i'm afraid of really damaging my hair. i wonder if i could just use a wash out color.


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