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Apr 12, 2006
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I have a problem with tops.. i cant wear anything cute like tank tops cause i have big boobs. so when i do.. i look like a slut..

and i cant wear cute tee's cause i have love handels and a little bit of a pudge.. can yeah help... its so hard to find cute shirts that fit me.. top and side?

The best suggestion I can come up with is to buy shirts that fit the largest part of you (chest) and get them taken in to fit the rest of you.

If you're worried about any pudge showing through, you might want to avoid thin and clingy fabrics.

I hope that helps some!

Well I had that same problem and got so fed up with it that I had a breast reduction ( imagine a 40DD on a 5'2 1/2 figure). Even though surgery is not what you're probably considering, I usually just bought larger tops, which got on my nerves! But, stay away from tight shirts that tend to show your "bulge". Instead, opt for more flowing tops or blouses that cinch in the front. I'll post a link of some expert advice to help out a little more.

Here's a link I found: Fashion Tips on Bust by Noubikko

Hopes this helps!

Start with a good foundation! Buy a really good minimizer bra. It should be sturdy and possibly even long line (covers your torso down to the waist) to shape and mold those handles into a smooth waistline. Go to a high end dept. store and get a custom bra fitting which is free (Nordstrom's, Neiman Marcus etc.) Then try on several high end bra manufacturers (Bali, Lilly of France etc.). You don't have to buy there, if you can't pay those prices, but the idea is to get the correct manufacturer of the bra that works for you best, at the correct size. Then you can go online and buy the size and brand at whatever cheaper price you can find. Minimizer bras reduce you a full cup size or more. I wear Goddess.


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