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Oct 21, 2007
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Okay so for christmas I was thinking of splurging on some good makeup for the winter season and since i've been saving up money/will have more after christmas, I figured now would be a good time to start deciding what it is i'm going to buy. Now the only problem is that I live in a little town in Canada, the only place I have to go to get makeup is the pharmacy so if I want the good brands like MAC or whatever I have to order it online which I don't mind doing, but I want to make sure the products I get are worth the money first.

So I need help on deciding what exactly to get. I need basically everything (foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, etc) so if you guys could possibly help me and give me names of good products that work well for you, i'd apiritate it.

I'm not sure if you need to know what I look like in order to determine what sorta' products I should get but I have long dark brown hair, light blue/grey eyes, im pretty pale also so a good blush is one of the main things I need, or possibly bronzer. Oh, and I'm 16 if that makes any difference at all. haha.

So if you have any clue on what are some good things to get, please let me know! sorry for the long read.

Originally Posted by aplsmash /img/forum/go_quote.gif These threads might help you:https://forum.makeuptalk.com/f11...out-68987.html




You can also look in the review section.

Thank you! I was also going to suggest that you take a look at some og the holiday sets that were released. I'd recommend the MAC holiday brushes to begin with.
Also Urban Decay has some wonderful palettes available.

if you love color and don't mind glitter, i suggest you check the UD palettes, they're really cute.

in terms of mascara, i go for a bit pricey ones, i suggest either Clinique long pretty lashes or Yves Saint Laurent falses lashes effect (though given the price, it might be a good christmas gift idea

if Bourjois is sold where you live, it has a good range of blushes so you can check that brand too. they also have great e/s and pencil eyeliners.

i suggest you also check the mineral makeup sites (in the MMU forum you'll find a sticky with all the brands listed). the samples are really cheap and might be a good idea if you wanna try several blushes or foundations.

i do not suggest the MAC foundations because many people got allergies, but i suggest you look for the holiday sets(if you need brushes this is a great opportunity). and if you have an oily skin their blot powder is awesome.

Thanks guys. Sorry I never looked at the other threads, I just came straight on and made a new one haha. But I'll definatly check it out.


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