I need the best ground beef and cheese lasagna possible!

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Dec 28, 2006
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This is a make-or-break deal. Ack! Help!

Also, any garlic bread recipes to go with this would be great. This is REALLY important

Hm all I can suggest is extra lean beef so no fatty stuff mushrooms garlic

I make my own garlic bread but I slice the garlic in melted butter simmer for 8-10 Min's add parsley and garlic powder and we bit of salt and pour over the loaf I put the cooked garlic on the bread as well along with the butter

bake it open faced

Keep an eye on it so it don't burn

I love Pepperidge Farms Cheese Breads such as Texas Toast, also Cole's makes some great breads as well that are in the frozen section.

Thanks! I just need something I can actually substitute turkey for instead of ground beef but it's so hard getting REALLY good recipes ...I'm pretty picky lol, and I'm cooking it for someone, so...I have to impress!

My family loves lasagna...I have to make it alot. I fav way is to use the jumbo pasta shells and stuff then with mixture that usually is in a lasagna, (meat, you could use turkey or beef, lots of cheese ...lots, i add bellpepper and onoin and garlic to the meat when it cooking) Once you have mix the mixture together stuff the shells and pour sause over the top and bake.... it really easy and you dont have to stand there and layer everything! My family loves it this way!

OK, here's the best garlic bread. First, I do like Coles if you have to go storebrought, but if you really want to impress get a couple of fresh garlic cloves. Then you need to make a paste. Peel each clove and put them on a clean surface. Then smash with a knife. Put some kosher salt over the garlic, then chop. The grains of salt act like little knives, helping to crush the garlic.

Combine 1 stick of soft unsalted butter, the garlic, and 1/2 a cup of fresh cut flat-leaf parsely in a small bowl. Take a a baquetter of bread and slice it so that it opens like a book. Evenly brush or spoon the butter mixture over the bread.

Close the baguette and slice diagonally into 2-inch pieces, leaving the bread intact at the back of the loaf.

Wrap the bread in foil. Transfer to a baking sheet. Bake until heated through, about 10 minutes. Or place on a hot grill and cook until toasted and golden brown. Serve hot.

The best bread for this is French or sourdough. It works great.