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I need to "tone it down" at work.. help please!

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Obsessed with lipstick
Dec 22, 2004
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Bay Area, California
Hi, guys.. Happy Bunny Day!

As most have heard, I started working at the Benefit boutique in Berkeley recently, which is nothing like any Benefit counter you have ever seen or experienced. It's upper scale, posh, very "pinkies up" kind of place. To me, Benefit represents a fun, not-so-serious attitude, but the clients we receive expect us to be serious and look fabulous.

I thought about going on a makeover show, or at least writing to one, telling them my issue. I am more of a Marilyn Manson than a Paris Hilton, and I am more of a Ellen DeGeneres than a Joan Collins (she's the only snooty person I could think of!) Meaning, my look and personality is a problem at the store and I've been spoken to about it twice.

As far as personality goes, I am me and I can't change that. They are having a meeting (I still can't believe this) about accepting differences in personalities. I feel that I am the cause of this meeting, and I really feel like crap because I seem to be causing a lot of trouble in the store, and honestly, I am not doing anything wrong, I am just happy doing what I do and smiling and laughing isn't exactly what they like around there.. very weird. You guys know how much I really care about Benefit and the boss knows that and she is on my side in this ( I think! )

As far as I know, my personality is permanent (lol!) and the boss said it's okay with her, my hair is okay as well, they don't have a problem with the black/ purple hair, and it's changing to red soon too.. maybe more of an acceptable color? My eyebrows are an issue because they are half real and half filled in, they want me to have real brows. I had my brows shaped yesterday, and I think it's okay, but they aren't thin enough in my opinion. I also had my eyelashes tinted black, so I can wear less mascara.

Ugh.. so I wear Benefit makeup to work every single day and they say it's too much. Please help me out. I totally have an idea of what to wear as far as some color, but my foundation has got to go. It's great stuff (Jane Iredale Amazing Base foundation powder) but my skin is so oily that it turns to a grease slick mid-day and I think that my boss also mentioned to wear less foundation. I was thinking to try the Chanticalle (sp?) stuff, and I really need to buy that Re Vive moisturizer because my skin looks really good so far with the sample I got in a swap.

Any suggestions or pictures of faces.. I need help!