I need your help from now until about early Sunday afternoon!

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Dec 28, 2006
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I need club songs, dance songs, current pop songs that have a good beat and make you want to dance.

Stuff like Sean Paul.

Even Britney Spear's new single, Gimme More.

Only thing is, I don't listen to the radio much and have no idea what's good and current. Help ladies!

Akon- Bellydancer, smack that

Belly Ft. Ginuwine- Pressure

Big 'n Rich- save a horse ride a cowboy

bodyrockers- I like the way you move ..?

Diddy- tell me

Dj Unk- walk it out

Justin timberlake- sexy back

Rihanna- Umbrella

sean paul- temperature

Swollen Members Ft. Nelly furtado- Breathe ...?

sorry i don't got a lot.. i tend to listen to more rock music..

today i was playing some songs in the store and a bunch of my customers started dancing around.. lol

these were:

Rihanna - Please don't stop the music

CheNelle ft. Cham - I fell in love with the dj

Neyo - Can we chill

Neyo - Because of you

Bob Marley - Sun is shining (techno version)

Pussy Cat Dolls - Wait a minute

Aksent - Zingy

Sophie Ellis Baxter - Murder on the dancefloor

A bunch of "slower songs like "hate that i love you" by Rihanna and Neyo

and Mika - Grace Kelly.. lol i know it doesn't go with the cd at all, but i'm obsessed with this song at the moment..

hope this helps a little

Timbaland- The way I are

Ying Yang Twins- Shake

T-pain- Bartender

Bubba Sparxxx- Miss New Booty

Those are some of my faves to dance too.

I second Justin Timberlake!

Also, don't know if it's big in the US, but here in England this guy Calvin Harris is very popular, he did this insanely catchy song called 'Acceptable in the 80s'


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