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Sep 27, 2003
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I've never tried the Fanie skin care products so I wanted to place an order. I'm excited to get to try the products. I ordered the Travel Kit for oily skin and Hot dot. I'll let you know about the products as soon as I get my order. You can check out more info at www.fanie.com

I ordered the oily skin travel kit so that I can try a lot of the products and I liked the kit in overall. I used all the products in it and I don't think my skin has ever been this smooth. The kit comes with instructions on how to use the products. This line remainds me of another estethian line I've used before (Georgette Klinger) but this is better. I think the products are spa strengh like the Unveil Peel and Masque 1 combined was like a professional peel done at home. The peel was very powerful and the results were wow. The moisturizer looked like mousse and absorbed nicely in my skin without leaving any residue.


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