I think Chanel wants me to be broke

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Feb 12, 2005
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Chanel Trois Les Soleils

The Glossimer Gift Set Trio dresses lips in gorgeous shimmer and a high-shine glow. Available in two tonalities: the beautiful warmth of Les Soleils includes Pin-Up, a beige peach; Coral Reef, a pink beige; and Glow, a bronze peach -- and the delicious coolness of Les Roses includes Magnifique, a sparkly pink; Glaze, white pink; and Satinette, a pearl pink.


Even the packaging is amazing.... sigh

Oh, I always wanted pin up, and the others sound nice too! I'll keep this in mind. Thanks Marisol!

my friend loves Chanel Makeup so much that she wanted to name her daughter Chanel, but knew that everyone would know her obsession, so instead named her Chantel! i am buying this for Christmas for her!

Originally Posted by Liz2 /img/forum/go_quote.gif wow so nice, how much? $50
Marisol...that is divine! I love the packaging! I would just buy that in an instant..but...i'm almost broke...

Yea...owch! The price...but...nice packaging! <drool>

they all sound good! $50 is a bit steep, but maybe they will reduce the price in the christmas sales

For a while there, Chanel was trying even harder to make me broke! With the foundation, concealer and powder... Ouch! That was $52 foundation I was using! But alas, they are good products! Those are very nice lippies!

Mmm wow I want them! Cant believe they are 50 bucks. I love Chanel but all I own from them is 4 eyeshadows I got for half the price at the airport. I would be in makeup heaven if I could afford all the Chanel stuff I wanted lol.


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