I was on the set of HEROES!

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Mar 10, 2006
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They were shooting all night long, last night! It was the tenth episode they were working on. I won't give too much of the plot away, but a good portion of the scenes were supposed to be taking place in Old New Orleans. They shot those particular scenes in South Los Angeles.

But it was really cool, all the equipment and things. They always keep the shooting locations a secret so to get rid of the spectators and other distractions.

I was surprised by how small Micah was, for some reason, I thought he would have... I dunno, grown taller from last season. Maybe he did, but he's sooo small. Cute little thing, good manners too.

It will be interesting how the episode looks on television.

Hang tight, I'll be back sometime today to post the few pictures I could get. They didn't allow flashes to go off, so that limited the quality of picture I could get.

That's so cool! I sooo envy you!!


Did you go there just to watch or you was 'on' there?

They've been shooting the next Batman movie here. They blew up an old warehouse and the 911 call center got flooded with people thinking we were under terrorist attack.

Grrrrr.... I had to use my cell phone to take pics, but only one angle came out decent. Sorry folks. It's all the flood lights they used... they had them up in every tree. They all looked so much better on my cell phone, and then on computer screen it looks like crap. This particular photo was shot on set on Kenwood Ave between Adams Blvd. and 27th St.


No, I was not actually on script. I was just there because I wanted to see it up close and live... and it helps to know... *people*. That set is no joke, they don't let NOBODY on there! They blocked off the street, had police stationed and everything. I had to park my car at another location and be shuttled past all the security onto the set and base camp (where the cast members have their trailors). I would have taken more pics, but they asked me to be respectful and not do so, so if course I didn't.

Perhaps I may be allowed to go the wrap-up party where I can take pictures more liberally of the cast, and everyone is more relaxed. We shall see...

Originally Posted by KellyB /img/forum/go_quote.gif That really is too cool!!! How long were you there? For most of the night. They had to close up shop at the break of dawn so that's when I rolled home.