I went on a make-up spree today!

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Feb 8, 2005
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It was so fun! I got these things:


Tan Pigment

Vex e/s

Club e/s

Cranberry e/s

Gleam e/s

Creme de Violet e/s

Style blush

Another 15-pan palette


Cassis e/s


Addict Ultra-Gloss in A Treat of Lollipops (love the name!

Nice Haul, Violet!!! be sure to add them to your FOTD pics so we can see em'!! (and want them!)
So so so SO jealous of that haul sweetie. I love cranberry e/s & i want Vex, Gleam & Creme De Violet.. Let us know what you think of everything. Looking forward to your FOTD's over the next few weeks


ROUND OF APPLAUSE for Kim please!

Great haul, i'm proud of you!!!

Did someone say.. RUBY DOO!??? hah! Wow.. I love that color! I use mine wet and it looks really good. =) I must bust that out and wear tomorrow.

Great now I've gone on a shopping spree. I got the following:

Sephora Metro Train case

Nars blush in orgasm

Mac blot powder in light

Stila cover up stick-shade A

Dr. Brandt's Microdermabrasion in a jar

It was so much fun.

Originally Posted by Naturally You gals are KILLING ME!
Here I was ...your basic (probably boring) married ol' lady ...working the 9 - 5 job, carting the kids here and there ..never ONCE did I think I'd be into makeup like I was in my YOUNGER days (oh yeah...I had stashes like some ...) ...hmmm maybe wear makeup once a week ..if that much! And now look ..rearranging my bathroom area so I can stash my ever growing collection of what ...MAKEUP! (well ..and skincare too of course ..after all I do sell it also). Oh I have that stash ..I use that for my homeshows ..but I'm finding myself lemming MAC pigments and paints (more like lemming Trisha's stash and a personal visit from her to help me with my eyes)

I did get a small order in today from Sephora ...Stila Smudge Pot (black), Benefit ruby-doo, Pixi Fairy Dust, an Anna Sui brush (for the smudge) and of course ..the all time lemming of Nars Orgasm. The day before was my Mac micro-mini haul of Violet Pigment and the Diana I collection.

I'm catchin' up to ya Trisha (yeah ..right ..not in THIS lifetime)

We're pullling you over to the dark side, Kim!!!
Nice haul there! I got my stuff from Sephora the other day too! (Finally used my gift cert.! LOL) I got the Cargo Beach Blush in Miami Beach (think Scarlette or PinkCosmo posted on it awhile ago)

it's really nice!!! smells good too! I also got the 3 free samples... got the DuWop Hands 2 Hair (although I haven't used it yet, glad to see you like it Kim, have to try it) I also got the Smashbox Foundation Primer (love that!) and the perfume sample of Sud Pacifique "Matin Calin" - smells like a cross between Philosophy's Falling in Love & Cotton Candy... sweet but yummy!!!
I looked it up to buy, but it's like almost $60 for about 1oz. so I think I'll pass on that for now!!! lol


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