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I Will Not Watch This Programme Again

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Oct 1, 2007
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I am really angry after watching a programme on the T.V, its called Dog Borstal its basically a training programme for dogs that are badly behaved, anyway to cut a long story short there was a gorgeous handsome American Bulldog on there this evening, he was what i would call slightly nervous but definetely not evil, he had a little snap at the vet and as the trainer tried to walk out of a room he had another little snap, but nothing to make a big sceen about, the dog was in unfamiliar surroundings and was obviously a bit nervous, the owner of the dog was actually frightened at stages to work with him, in my opinion she was a really stupid women for the simply reason that what on earth did she have this dog for when she was scared of it? the dog was seen running down her stairs with a rag in its mouth and pulling on it and she said look how nasty it is, the dog was playing, stupid ***, After the programme was finished they give you a rundown on what has happened to the dogs featured (there is three dogs every week) to see if they have maintained the progress they have made at Dog Borstal, she has a Picture of the dog on her fireplace and then tells us she had the dog put to sleep, i was so furious, selfish ***** she could have given the dog to someone who would have been able to handle it instead of murdering it, my Ridgeback is very protective of me and if someone had got up in a room where i was sitting he would have followed the person to watch them & he can be very snappy with other dogs & is very careful of people he does not know, but never would i dream of putting him to sleep. God i am so angry
I hate people like her who own dogs, it should not be allowed