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Dec 28, 2006
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So I ordered 4 shades, got them yesterday. Decided to try one on today.

They are SO beautiful. The colors on the website do NOT do them justice at all. I had a list of about 11 I wanted total...now I'm going after the WHOLE collection. They are VERY glittery but so well done that it doesn't even bother me. I've already gotten about 2 compliments on my eyeshadow and I've only worn it for about 4 hours now, most of which have been in class.

Love, love, love.

I *tried* to take a photo today, didn't turn out very well but I will post it anyway.

I just HAD to post this topic because I know some people were curious and I really *don't* want this thread to get lost in the shuffle. I am off to order some more right now!

Oh and, the first shades I ordered were Spaceoddity (shown), Blackangel, Backinblack, and Shadowplay. I just placed another order for Londondungeon, Blackcelebration, Adrenochrome, Blackdiamond, Ladystardust, Fanclub, and Destinationunknown.

So excited!

The colors really DO NOT do them justice on the website, which is a shame... I get paid on Tuesday and I am picking up a skinfinish from someone on this site but after that I will more than likely be picking up the rest of the colors I wanted. (Oh dear!)

I also happened to pick up the Gothic mineral eyeliner from them, and once I try that out I'll add it to this thread so I don't clog up the forum! :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> But...I applied the eyeshadow this morning and literally squealed. It is fantastic. It really, really is. I love glitter and stuff like that but it's just such a beautiful color and the glitter is NOT overdone at all.

Thanks for posting a pic!

Are the glitters chunky or is it just very shimmery? How did you deal with the glitter getting all over your face?

I applied the eyeshadows wet and didn't have ANY problem with glitter going everywhere. They're glittery, but it's not chunky and it's not fine either, it didn't leave a mess at all and is just all-around fantastic.

If there was glitter, it got knocked off with I applied blush but I didn't see anything on my face. Just on my eyes!

They don't deliver outside US.....

I wanted the emilie autumn collection so much.. snif