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I won another competition!

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May 6, 2004
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So girls,

do any of ye remember me winning a competition on my local radio station back in October/November?? Well if ye don't then i won a €50 for a local hair salon. I had to go live on air (was mortified
) but i got over it!

Well anyway, there was a comp yesterday & i text in the answer while i was stuck in traffic. This was only the 2nd time EVER that i text in for a comp (the 1st time i won) so there i was driving home when my phone rang. I was wondering what the strange number was.. "Hi Laura, this is REDFM.. you've won the competition" I was screaming all sorts of things & he said i'll ring you back in 5 minutes & you've to go on air to say the answer etc...! So i did!

I won 2 flights to Birmingham (Lea & Trish be ready for me!)!! When they rang back again about 7.30 he said "oh i forgot, don't forget to listen on Friday because the winners from Mon-Thurs competitions will be entered into another draw & the winner gets accommodation, spending money etc..!

So i'm on cloud 9 this morning