I would like you all to meet my uncle.

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Jun 22, 2006
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im not sure if i told you all, but my uncle phillip passed away. the one who was diagnosed with lung cancer. he passed away august 6th. he was home, and the entire family was there with him. but now i would like to show you all what he looks like. so i proudly introduce to you my uncle phil...

this picture was the most recent. it was taken about 2 wks before he died.


this was the obit pic, and this is the way i remember him


then i made this pic of him today. the sunset pic i took on vacation. i left the day he was being buried. i had a trip to tennessee planned for a year and i know the would of wanted me to go so i went to the calling hours on thursday and then missed the funeral however i was on speaker phone the whole service so i was kinda there in spirit. but this is a pic of the sunset on the lake that i took.


Awww, that's such a great pic you made Holly! I'm so sorry about your uncle! Cancer is such a tragic thing to lose a family member to. John's lost about 3 relatives that way, and I've had my own scare. I can say, you're uncle looked happy in the pics regardless as to how he may have been feeling

Holly Ann, I am really sorry about your loss. It sounds like you guys had a great relationship. A lot of people I know won't miss funerals for anything, but when it comes to visiting somebody in the hospital they're far too busy. It sounds like you really had your priorities in order.

Im sorry for your loss. I'm sure he'd appreciate your picture, I can sense how much you cared about him


That is a beautiful picture. It's clear that you loved him. So sorry for your loss.

thank you all so much for your thoughts and kind words. i loved my uncle with all my heart and more. we used to joke that i was his kid. the girl with him in the first pic is my cousin his older daughter.

he could light up a room with his smile. thats the thing i miss the most about him. he was 41 when he died. he was a smoker but also worked in the construction and asphalt industry for years. there was a certain type of concrete the company would use a lot of that has been known to show complications/illnesses.

im so sorry for your loss, the picture is beautiful, it made me cry. *HUGS*

May he RIP. Just recently my boyfriend lost a pet to cancer.And I have also lost a pet to cancer years ago. It's just an awful disease.

Holly I am so sorry for your loss
Your post really touched me, I cried after reading it. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts. I could tell from your post just how much you loved and cared for him..you're a special girl, and I'm sure he knoew that
The picture you made for him is beautiful. *hugs*

Your Uncle Phil looked like a great guy. You did an amazing tribute to him. I had a good friend in 1997 die of Lung Cancer as well. She was only 43.


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