If you could go back in time to one moment where would you go?

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Nov 15, 2006
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If you could go back in time to one moment where would you go?

Describe it.

As for me personally, this past sunday i went to church with my boyfriend because he was i town for three days. And the preacher was talking about how everybody has a moment that they want to hold onto, that they can re-live all over again and still smile, a moment that gives them a feeling inside where everything is okay and your happy. Mine would be sitting in that church when the preacher was saying that holding my boyfriends hand. i mean you can tell me, i'm to young to be in love. But, i am not to young to know a special moment. I'd never change a thing about that moment. It was the defition of perfection.

what's yours?

I like this thread

There are a lot to choose from but mine would probably be when I broke up with my boyfriend in February and he started seeing someone else straight away. I thought it was just a meaningless fight and we'd get back together but he was moving on! It hurt like hell and my heart was so broken (you know that tight chest, cant breathe, knotted stomach feeling) I'd been trying for a couple of days to convince him to leave her and get back with me and it didnt look like he was gonna do it then he text me saying "do you mind if i have a few more days cos i'm so in love with you but I need to break it off with Sarah gently i cant just suddenly ditch her completely out the blue but i need you"

With hindsight i should've let sarah have him cos he's a d*ck lol but the point is at that moment i was euphorically happy and felt like i wanted to jump up and down and scream and sing and shout. I actually cried. I remember every word of that text, I remember where I was when he sent it, what I was doing, I even remember what time of day it was. and you know they say if you're smiling when you're the only person in the room you know its genuine happiness, i was the only one in the room and my face ached from smiling so much. and thats a feeling i wouldnt mind having a lot of lol.

This is a great thread! I have to think more deeply before I post my answer.

I'd go back to a happy time..I have SOOO many happy moments... but my favorite is:

The second day of my stay in the hospital when i gave birth to my son. i say the second day because the moment they're actually born... it's a shock, and i know i... was heavily medicated. On the second day my bf had to run home for an important meeting... and it was just me and my little guy. I was instantly in love, and sooo amazed. It is an unexplainable feeling when you have that first moment with your new baby when no one else is in the room. I'd love to go back to that moment.

hmm. I wonder what my moment is.

I think it would be... the day my bf bought me a diamond ring - he said he wanted to buy the setting and put a new stone in every year until there were 5 diamonds, then we could get engaged.

It was such a beautiful and sweet thing to say.It was a very romantic moment and I got that feeling where your heart seems to swell so big it might burst right out of your chest!

It made me realise that I could hope for more in my relationships, that I could truly have that kind of deep connection with someone which I was thinking might never be possible.

Even if it doesnt work out, it doesnt matter, because I will always know that I don't expect too much, that i'm not selfish or greedy - and that's something that is a valuable lesson indeed

jess, your moment sounds beautiful, and so does everyone else's! I cant wait to read more

I don't particulary have a moment, but a period of time that I would like to revisit.

It would have to be when my dad came to live with me when he got sick and I took care of him. It was the first time I had felt that my dad looked for me for guidance and comfort and helping him through his difficult time. Even though I was his little girl and the roles were now reversed and he was no longer taking care of me but me him, made me appreciate the father/daughter relationship. Even though he passed away later on, at least I knew he would know how much I deeply loved him and that even though I stopped living my life to take care of him when he was sick, there wasn't anywhere else that I wanted to be but just take care of him. It made me appreciate my parents even more.

Here´s my favorite moment:

I was on the plane with my fiancé Shawn and we were about to take off (we had spent a week in California with his mom whom I had met for the first time, she didn´t know we´re engaged) when he got a text message from her that said "I´m so glad you and Andrea came to visit. You have to marry that girl, I love her and already see her as my future daugher in law."

He read the text to me and I started to cry. It just meant so much to me to have his mom´s approval even before she knew that we´re already engaged.

My wedding/honeymoon; it's cliche but it really was the happiest, most relaxing, most intimate moment of my life. <3

Well I have 2 answers...one for an experiance and one that would be life changing.

I would want to go back to the 50's and all that. The sock-hop days. Like in Hairspray LOL!! Seems like SO much fun

NOW, if I know everything I know now and can go back, I would go back and pick the winning lottery ticket HAHA!

I like this thread, haha. Not just because i made it. lol. =)

good moments/times everybody.

For me I would have to say I would go back to the moment that my husband and I were pronounced husband and wife. I was so nervous walking down the aisle and saying the vows but as soon as we were officially pronounced I felt this immediate calm.

I would also love to go back to the day that I brought my boys home from the hospital. They were 2 month early and it was such a special day to have them home together and it was just them and my husband and myself.

I would go back to junior year in high school! Man I would have done so many things differently....maybe my life now would be so much better.

Oh yeah, I can say the moment my ex made me feel like the most beautiful girl. I don't know why that time in my life was the happiest... just like, my whole mood changed because of him.

If I can go back and change a thing - it would've been the start of me doing "bad" things and never done it.