If you could have the Cosmetic Fairy Godmother grant you 3 wishes...

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Dec 12, 2003
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what would they be? I've thought long and hard, and mine would be:

1- the perfect foundation. I'm wanting light, but buildable coverage, matte or semi-matte finish, perfect color match, won't cause breakouts, and looks as good when I take it off as it goes when I put it on.

2- the perfect concealor. I need some heavy duty stuff to cover these bad boys, so I want something full coverage, but not cakey, perfect color match, won't settle into lines or crease, and lasts all day.

3- the perfect shampoo and conditioner. I want something that I can use in the shower to wash and condition my hair, and then I won't have to use any styling products! I need something to combat frizz and dryness.

Mine would be the same as yours for #1.

#1 The perfect Foundation that will give medium coverage and won't cause breakouts

# 2 The perfect pressed powder for touch ups that will control oiliness and won't cake or change color

# 3 A miracle product for keeping blackheads away and getting even toned skin without being too harsh or drying to the skin

My #1 is

Something that helps my baby- fine blonde hair keep a curl.

Joy of never having to put products in my hair all the time

just to keep a curl!

2. The perfect lipstick that stays on that doesn't dry out my lips but looks glossy

#1 would be the PERFECT FOUNDATION that lasts all day

#2 would be a LIPGLOSS that's not sticky but yet lasts all day!

#3 would be FAKE TAN that doesn't streak or smell revolting (we rarely get good weather in Ireland so fake tan is a weekly thing for me)

1) eternally clear skin & the products to go w/it.

2) to have Damone Roberts on speed dial & @ my beck & call.

3) a lifetime of good-hair days.


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